Spiral Saucepan Update / by Josh Flowers

I had an interesting experience designing the Spiral Saucepan, mainly because the shape was very difficult to achieve with traditional workshop techniques. The whole concept was to make a spiral shape that created a whirlpool in boiling water, a response to a brief calling for an emotive reflection of a dining ritual. 

Opting in the end for 3D printing for the presentation model, I used my experience to shape the limitations of the form. I went about a vigorous prototyping process using a 3D printer - going through about 40 different prototype shapes before I picked one to print on a larger scale.

It was tricky getting the printer to work reliably. I went through a long trial and error process of tuning it, but when I did get it working properly, I was able to print out ideas in as little as 15 minutes.

I ended up printing the display model on an old BFB3000 which created its own host of challenges, including incorrect machine calibration, slicer settings, print times (over 14hrs), and failed parts. In the end I had to print the handle in 3 sections and connect them together with wire and glue.

Below you can see the result before attaching the handle. 

The 3D printed model