Crystal Container project complete / by Josh Flowers

Say hello to the Crystal Container, a simple, clever, lightweight and re-usable plastic jar for dry goods. It is designed to have a significantly lower total environmental lifecycle impact than equivalent glass containers. It does this by utilizing a simple gasket lid and aesthetically patterned body, creating a collectable object that is easy to open and re-use. 

If thrown out or recycled, its bio-PET construction ensure that it can be recycled in traditional PET collection streams, whilst at the same time reducing petroleum based plastic usage by containing a high percentage of bio-polymers.  

The significant advantage of this design over glass is its weight and material reduction, which dramatically reduces distribution impacts. Total palletised weight is similarly reduced, as is accidental handling breakages. Being tall and narrow, you can also fit more units per pallet. 

To find out more, visit the new project page.