Why I think 'Serif' is an exciting design / by Josh Flowers

The newly announced Samsung 'Serif' TV set designed by Ronan & Erwan Bourollec is one of the most exciting designs I've seen in a long time. Here's why.


The design is completely unlike any other television in the world, for a start. Originality is good. More importantly though, I think it represents a new emerging design language. Words that spring to mind are, warm, spirited, human. I'd describe it as a kind of retro futurism. 


The first time I got excited about this style was in seeing the film 'Her' by Spike Jonze. The incredible art direction by Austin Gorg is something I'm convinced is going to heavily influence design in consumer electronics. Just look at the simple framed monitor (as if displaying art), the light, three dimensionality of the UI and the beautiful colour palette. 


I have a strong hunch that the Bourollec brothers were inspired by 'Her'. Looking at the remote, the design languages have a lot in common: the red and white colour palette, the thin graphic lines, the soft geometric detailing.  


I think this style is really exciting. It recognises a shift in our relationship with technology from one centred on functionality and features, to one of seamless integration with furniture, fashion and the home. 

It appears that trends in wearables are starting to influence consumer technology at large. I'm particularly excited at the thought of an alternative to the dominant style of today, that of austere, over-earnest minimalism. This is an exciting time in design!