This project involved designing a flight amenities case for a chosen market segment: 'Hipsters in their 20s'. 

In making a product for this segment, my team conducted visual and theoretical research targeting the fetishisation of literature and art as a strong theme. Generally, Hipsters aspire to be artists, thinkers and writers and are attracted by anything that is visually aligned with these fields. My team's first task was to do some visual research:

Visual References

My group and I started by putting together mood boards to work out our style guide, 
It can be a problem to over-generalise or stereotype your target market, but in this case we felt there were benefits to be had in working out our visual language.
Inspiration board.

Concept Development


Illustrator concept rendering to get a feel for the final graphic layout.

Illustrator concept rendering to get a feel for the final graphic layout.

The first working prototype model. 

The first working prototype model. 

A working folio prototype.

A working folio prototype.

Final Concept

Field Trip  is a flight amenities case designed to look like a journal or a book, inside containing the usual supplies, but also complimented with a notebook, pencil and compass. The idea is to make it a 'survival kit' that appeals to people who are traveling for leisure, and want to record and experience their trip as an adventure. The Field Trip analogy ties into this theme and provides you with the tools you need to record your adventure in a reflective, creative way. 

The Field trip case is made using traditional book binding techniques, utilising board and book cloth laminated together. The inside of the kit is split into two distinctly themed sides, on the left, the field trip supplies, the right, airline amenities. After use, the amenities can be removed revealing room for an iPad Mini. The red elastic strap can be re-arranged in such a way to not only close the case, but also to secure the iPad. The after-life use of the product therefore can extend to be an accessory included on an actual Field Trip.

The case is designed to hold an iPad mini once the emenities have been removed, extending the life of the product.

The airline amenities section sees the items housed in a colourful patterned folio that accordions out when expanded. The reason for this is to layer the items, some of them being bigger than others, and also to play on the theme of pages in a book. Each item is attached to the folio in an appropriate manner: the toothbrush is held in place by simple card holsters, which allow the toothbrush to be replaced. The more transient nature of the toothpaste lends itself to only being attached by rubber glue cement, which provides an attractive minimalist bond without any visible trace. The mask uses its own elastic and a couple of grooves to hold itself in place and the socks are held together by an additional elastic strap.


This is the amenities folio unfolded. It is folded in such a way to save space and to visually represent pages in a book. 


The ordered way in which the objects are laid out speaks not only of military supply kits, but also of childhood scouts, reflecting the romantic notion of youth and times gone by. 

This was my final design for the front of the case, using the single red elastic strap as a means to secure it shut.

My presentation in studio.

© Joshua Flowers, 2015