Horizon is a modern, minimal bathroom vanity design that is innovative in its features and use of materials. 

Drawers are suspended using a unique runner system that is the first of its kind - allowing the drawers to ‘float’ below the single porcelain bench top.


The runner system uses a unique 'T' design that slots into the top of the drawer wall. 


The bench-top doubles as a table and a sink, utilising a seamless and subtle moulded curve, flowing into an invisible slot drain. 


This feeds into an s-bend that is hidden behind an easily removable panel. 



Indented in the wall above the bench-top is a storage cabinet utilising an innovative Tyvek screen. Tyvek allows a dynamic and delicate tactile experience similar to paper, yet is damage and water resistant. The semi transparency and printability allows it to be used to great lighting affect and is easily personalised. Nylon tipped supporting rods help the screen keep its shape and allow it to glide smoothly. The Tyvek is contrasted by anodised aluminium handles, reflecting the satin shine of the black tap set.

Horizon aims to be minimal, clean and direct, whilst retaining a warmth and humanity by contrasting black metal and porcelain with wood and Tyvek.

© Joshua Flowers, 2015